bistrofrance is proudly brought to you by the Naudin family from the award winning French favourite, La Guillotine Restaurant


Breakfast Menu

Kir Royale
a glass of bistrofrance sparkling with cassis, fraise or framboise
ham and cheese
jam and butter
Raisin Toast
selection of omelettes

Lunch Menu

* les entrées

soupe à l’oignon
french onion soup gratinée
salmon fumé
smoked salmon sandwich with egg, capers and onion; lightly toasted
casserole d’escargots
snails in garlic butter, mushrooms, herbs and shallots
home-made pâté
duck liver with fresh baguette
croustarde aux fruits de mer
prawns, scallops and fish with a creamy sauce & pastry
soufflé aux trois fromages
double baked three cheese soufflé with Roquefort salad

** les quiches - all served with salad

ham and cheese
tomato, zucchini and onion
spinach and cheese
ham and cheese

*** les omelettes - all served with salad

fruits de Mers
seafood and cheese
ham and cheese
potato and cheese
tomate, zucchini and onion
mushrooms and cheese
fines herbes
fresh herbs and cheese
lots of cheese

*** les salades

goats cheese
crumbed and pan fried with sun-dried tomatoes and roasted red capsicum
warm chicken
with roasted vegetables, red capsicum, tomato and vinaigrette
smoked salmon
with avocado, egg, onion, capers, sun-dried tomato and vinaigrette

***** les plats des jour

check our specials board daily

******* Croissants, foccacia, sandwiches or baguettes

ham, chicken or feta
with tomato, avocado, lettuce, dun-dried tomato and cheese

******** les desserts

various cakes & gateaux
please see our display
crème brulée
a soft custard creme with a toffee lid
mousse au chocolat
a dark chocolate mousse
crêpes suzette
crepes with Grand Marnier and orange sauce
crème caramel
baked custard with a caramel sauce
profiteroles au chocolat
choux pastry filled with creme patissiere with chocolate sauce

Dinner Menu

* les entrees

Soupe à l’oignon gratinee
traditional French onion soup
Pâté du chef
Home made duck liver pâté served with toasted baguette
Croustade aux Fruits de Mer
Prawns, scallops and fish in a creamy sauce with pastry shell
Crevettes à l’ail
Succulent prawns sautéed in garlic butter & herbs
Soufflé aux trois fromages
double baked three cheese soufflé with rocket and Roquefort dressing
Casserole d’escargots
Snails sautéed with garlic, mushrooms, shallots and herbs
Petit Chèvre chaud
crumbed goats cheese pan-fried on a bed of salad with roasted red capsicum and vinaigrette
herb bread

** les omelettes

potato, onion, cheese
sautéed garlic mushrooms, cheese
fruits de Mer
seafood, cheese
ham, caramelised onion, cheese
lots of cheese
fines herbes
chives, parsley, fresh herbs, cheese

*** les plats principaux

All main-courses served with vegetables and fresh baguette
Suprême de Volaille
Chicken breast filled with avocado and brie with a Champagne and mushroom sauce
Filet de Kangaroo
Grilled Kangaroo fillet laid on a crouton of mushroom duxelle served with a cherry sauce
Poisson du Jour
Fresh market fish of the day
L’entrecôte de Boeuf
Aged porterhouse served with roasted tomatoes and Béarnaise sauce
Blanquette de Veau
Baby veal casserole in a creamy sauce with a pastry lid
Confit de Canard à l’orange
Duck leg served on a bed of sautéed mushrooms and potatoes with an orange sauce
Salade Verte
Salade Roquefort
Layers of potato, bacon and onion finished with cream and covered with pastry

**** les desserts

Profiteroles au chocolat
Choux pastry filled with crème patissière covered with a chocolate sauce
Crème Brulée
A soft custard crème with a toffee lid
Crêpes Suzette
Crepes with Grand-Marnier and orange sauce
Mousse au chocolat
A dark chocolate mousse with a Poire William liqueur
Crème Caramel
Traditional baked custard with a caramel sauce
tarte du jour
Homemade fruit tart served with a vanilla ice cream

Wine List

fine australian and french wines
bistrofrance is fully licensed and BYO for wine only. We have a wide selection of wines available by the glass and a comprehensive wine list boasting both local and french wines.